Good people decisions.

Who we are

Peloton is an executive search and advisory group that builds Boards and executive teams for early and growth-stage Technology and Engineering businesses in the UK and Europe.

Since 2011 we have worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies across the Computer, Physical and Medical Sciences, each one aiming to disrupt and build significant value. We have extensive experience partnering with venture capital and private equity firms.

What We Do

We help companies
solve problems.
How can they disrupt?
How can they grow?
How can they build value?

Our solution is people. People are the instruments through which ideas become reality. People devise the plans, recruit the teams, write the algorithms, set the pricing, make the phone calls, convince the investors and close the deals. People deliver growth.
But people are hard to figure out. We are not pieces of paper. We come with personalities, insecurities, sensitivities. We get married, divorced, have kids, affairs, lose a loved one, have health scares, earn a fortune, find God, or simply get older. Each one of these things changes us, changes our performance at work, makes us more or less distracted, motivated, aware, effective.

New people and environments bring out something different in each of us. In one environment we’re amazing, in another, terrible. We’re open and honest with one group, and in another, defensive and political.

In short, we are not fixed. We change – constantly. And yet, when we find the environment, people and challenges that best suit us, we can do amazing things.

This is the environment in which Peloton operates. This is our theatre. Working with clients to solve problems. Helping them understand themselves. Helping them make good people decisions.

Our Clients and
Investor Partners

We are known for advising advanced technology companies that are rich in IP and part of complex supply chains.

Recently, we have worked with clients who possess novel technology in the fields of Advanced Materials, AI, Additive Manufacturing, Automotive Tech, Batteries, Big Data, Biotechnology, Computational Biology, Energy Tech, Genomics, Green Chemistry, Industrial Engineering, Internet-of-Things, Machine Learning, Medical Diagnostics, PaaS/SaaS and Surgical Robotics.


If you would like to get in touch with us,
please email Chris Reichhelm at:


White Collar Factory
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London, EC1Y 8AF

+44 (0)207 760 8866