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How does the performance of your leadership team compare to your competitors? How good does your performance have to be for you to be the leader in your market? 

Peloton Insight can show you.

Peloton Insight studies the performance and results of leadership teams within the advanced technology & science sectors. Our intelligence informs investment decisions, performance plans, organisational development and hiring decisions.

Our starting points are data and metrics.

We carefully consider the key outputs associated with each role in a leadership team. We consider the company’s stage of development, as determined by funding level. We consider the technology sector.

Through a process involving extensive interviews, surveys and market analysis, we develop a detailed understanding of what ‘outstanding achievement’ looks like. This understanding gets converted into actionable intelligence, which helps guide boards, leadership teams and investors towards decisions that build high impact companies

Intelligence from Peloton Insight provides significant advantage to boards and leadership teams looking to make more informed, data-driven decisions. It helps them determine priorities and focus on what matters. It helps them devise better value propositions. It helps them raise capital, recruit better people and develop more high quality relationships with clients and partners.