Events 21.02.2017 6.30 pmHow To Build High Impact Companies: Part IV

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Are you a tech entrepreneur or investor who wants to become better at assessment? Join Peloton on the 21st February for a discussion on the latest assessment ideas that can help you become a high impact interviewer.

How To Assess Talent for Technology & Science Industries

Hiring managers, investors and entrepreneurs regularly cite interviewing, or assessment, as one of the hardest parts of their job.  And yet so much of a company’s success stems from successful assessment and recruitment.

In the fourth of our series on building high impact companies, Peloton will look at how technology and science-based businesses can attract outstanding talent by designing original assessment & attraction strategies.  We will consider the impact of big data & analytics, social media and creative assessment programmes to capture attention, build brand and attract talent.

If you are an advanced technology & science entrepreneur, investor or advisor, and you care about your assessment and interviewing strategies, please join us on the 21st February for an evening of presentations, debate, Coronas and tacos.

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We look forward to seeing you there.