Features 11.01.2017Peloton assists Faradion with appointment of Jason Hinde as Director of Engineering

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The Peloton Leadership Network assists battery innovator, Faradion, with appointment of Jason Hinde as Director of Engineering.

The Peloton Leadership Network is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Hinde as Director of Engineering for Faradion, the innovative, early-stage battery company pioneering the next generation of low-cost battery materials.

Based on their IP and know-how in sodium-ion technology, Faradion has produced an exciting, ‘drop-in’ battery capable of competing on a like-for-like basis with lithium-ion platforms, but for significantly less cost. Their batteries have the potential to play a significant role in energy storage for technologies reliant on high performing, low cost batteries, such as grid storage and electric vehicles.  Faradion was founded in 2010 and has raised approximately £4 million to date from investors that include Finance Yorkshire, Rising Stars, Sharp Electronics and catalysis company, Haldor Topsoe.

Jason joins with nearly 30-years in the advanced battery industry, having worked with AEA Technologies, AGM Batteries, Fife Batteries and CellCare Technologies.