Events 15.11.2016 6.00 pmHow To Build High Impact Companies: Part II

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At our next Taco Tuesday, we'll be talking about how young technology companies can create cultures that deliver technology breakthroughs. 

On 15th November, we will host an evening of nachos, tacos and Coronas.  In between the eating and drinking, we’ll also continue to explore the challenges in building high impact companies. 

This time, we dive into the importance of culture, and we review the qualities that are essential for work environments where there is pressure to regularly deliver technology-based innovation. This is a critical component of the development of high impact companies and a must-attend for those in innovation.   

Entrepreneurs, investors, academics, advisors and politicians are all welcome. We would like to especially welcome technologists, particularly those who are active on the front line of technology-based innovation.   

There will be discussion. There will be debate. And there will be tacos.

Mark your calendars and get to the West End for the 15th November. 

Until then, arriba!