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Taco Tuesday, the event series of the Peloton Leadership Network, launched on the 11th October, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, academics and politicians for an evening of heated discussion, spicy tacos and cool Coronas.

The event was held at Peloton’s offices in the West End and was led by Chris Reichhelm, founder of the Peloton Leadership Network.

The evening started off by exploring the difficulty of building high impact technology companies in 2016, particularly B2B businesses in the UK and Europe. Despite 30-years of concerted effort, the odds of building a successful, high impact company stubbornly remain at between 0.27% and 10%, with most falling below 1%.

Peloton Talks - How To Build A High Impact Company - The Penthouse, Henry Wood House, 11th October 2016Chris put forward a bold claim that the issues holding back success have less to do with the usual quoted reasons, such as lack of capital, talent, good ideas, novel technology or the right infrastructure; rather, they have more to do with the irrelevance and inappropriateness of the management model at play within most young businesses.

According to Chris, most technology leadership teams have the wrong management model in place.  In order to improve the odds of building more high impact companies, a new management framework must be adopted – one that prioritises selfless leadership, deliberate cultural design and growth orientation.
Chris outlined each of these areas – what they call for, their differences with current management models, and how they come to life within companies. Not surprisingly, there was considerable debate, some of which got quite heated.  One participant could never recall meeting a ‘selfless leader’.  Another participant felt that while it all sounded great on paper, there just isn’t the time to implement such a practice.  Still another participant questioned how you could ever apply such a model within an existing culture.

Fortunately, the Peloton team had answers for these questions, most of which involved stuffing their guests with nachos, tacos and Coronas.  60 minutes of eating and drinking did much to calm fraying tempers and smooth wrinkled foreheads.
Peloton Talks Participation
All in all, it was a fun evening, with more than 45 people joining in the fun, many of whom had to be kicked out at the end.

The next Taco Tuesday event is to be held on the 15th November at Peloton’s office in the West End. Once again, Chris and his team will be exploring how to build high impact companies, but this time with a much deeper dive into Cultural Design.  Invitations will be sent out soon.

Until then, arriba!

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