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The Launch of the Peloton Leadership Network

Clients, partners & friends,

The desire to lead a life with impact is something we all strive for.  At some point, many of us consider aligning the career choices we’ve made with these ideals.  For some, it means wholesale change.  For others, it may be a career tweak.  Either way, this past year has been one of those times for our team.

Our aim has always been to support the development of high impact companies.  Executive recruitment, however, is only part of the challenge. Having the right people in place is vital, of course.  But challenges also lie in building teams, developing cultures and achieving milestones; in setting the right course and knowing when to change direction; in making the right decisions at the right times and in the right ways. All of this has to happen against a backdrop of imperfect information, finite resources and shifting priorities.

There’s a lot that needs to go right.  Yet so often it doesn’t.

We want to change that.

It gives us great pleasure to announce our next chapter and the launch of the Peloton Leadership Network.  The Peloton Leadership Network is a management consulting group supporting advanced technology businesses in their quest to become high impact companies.  Our support is delivered in 3 ways.

Peloton Insight

The first is through Peloton Insight, a data analytics service aimed at boards, investors and management teams.  Insight tracks executive performance across the Energy, Healthcare and Industrial sectors. It studies and presents executive performance metrics by role, industry & company stage of development, enabling boards, investors and executives to better define goals and plans. Insight’s intelligence helps steer companies in their quest to become ‘high impact’.

Peloton Consulting

The second way is through Peloton Consulting, a coaching service that teaches the disciplines, mindsets and behaviours essential in building high impact companies.  Consulting’s focus is to help companies better exploit their innate talents, capabilities and opportunities.  Led by high impact entrepreneurs, academics, coaches and advisors, our programmes bring together the thought leadership and real world know-how required to create high impact companies.

Peloton Search

The third and final way is through our executive search group, Peloton Search, focused on recruiting boards and leadership teams for advanced technology companies impacting the Energy, Healthcare and Industrial markets.  High impact companies require high impact leadership and teams. Executive search is our heritage and will continue to feature as a central part of our offering.  Identifying the right talent remains our core competence, one that will only improve with the addition of our new offerings.

Together, Peloton Insight, Peloton Consulting and Peloton Search provide a powerful approach to building high impact companies.  By freeing up and deploying our chief asset – our network of leading executives and advisors – we believe we can help create more world-leading, high impact businesses.

Above all, the Peloton Leadership Network will be a community, a group that shares, teaches and supports one another in the quest to achieve something truly special.  We therefore invite you to get involved.  Look out for our active events programme and please follow our regular features on our website (pelotonleadership.com) and via social media.

Good companies create value.  Great companies create impact.  The quest to achieve greatness, however, is hard, and it’s never about just one person, or even one group.  It’s about the community that supports and grows with the company.  Such journeys are often long and arduous.  But in the right community, the chance of achieving success increases.

The Peloton Leadership Network is about improving those odds.

We hope you join us.