It’s time for a change.

Welcome to Peloton. Since 2011, we have been building boards and management teams for start-up technology companies that are trying to make the world cleaner, healthier and more intelligent. We love what we do and are busier than ever.

For us, the brand ‘Peloton’ has always been about teamwork over a long journey. It describes our approach and our passion for adventure. We believe that building a business is the ultimate adventure.

Over the past 18-months, we have spent an increasing amount of time fielding enquiries for another ‘Peloton’, a company that makes stationary bikes. While we admire their product, we are not a bike company. And while the odd query is easy enough to handle, receiving 20+ messages a day becomes a distraction.

Therefore, we have taken the difficult decision to change our brand. While this is with a touch of sadness, we are also very excited to take on something new. What won’t change is our commitment to building world-class businesses that can make us cleaner, healthier and more intelligent.

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Chris Reichhelm
Founder & CEO (Peloton)